What Court Reporters Do

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Court reporters play an important role in the judicial and legal system. Not just for court proceedings, but also with accurate transcription of business meetings, interviews, phone calls, tape recordings and more. They are also sometimes referred to as, “guardians of the record” after recording everything as it was exactly said, they prepare verbatim transcripts for record. 

The National Court Reporters Association is a world recognized educational and informational resource for the industry and represents not just those who do captioning, but also court reporters, legal videographers and others whose job it is to accurately capture spoken words.

Support for careers in court reporting helps those interested in the job to understand what the job entails, the type of schooling and certifications required and the future potential of being employed to capture words. 

Here is a more in-depth breakdown of the different types of captioning services that one can study in. 


Court reporters, as we stated earlier, are responsible specifically for converting the speech that is being said into a text both quickly and accurately. 


Oftentimes these professionals will work remotely from home and use a stenon to caption live events such as news, sporting events and other broadcasts. They will work quickly to provide seamless text for what is being spoken and some may even be specialized in CART which offers a text stream for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. 


While video is a step away from voice recordings, they are still important to have – especially today as it is the preferred format across industries. A legal videographer will record depositions and other court reports for visual evidence to support the transcript done by a court reporter. They are also responsible for synching the two together so that they match and are easily digestible for reference and record. 

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