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In Old Lyme, Connecticut, A Plus Court Reporting offers comprehensive and innovative court reporting services within the United States and internationally. We are quite proud of the reputation that we have earned for offering excellent customer service, which includes being available around the clock and producing high-quality service that live up to your stringent requirements for precision, promptness, and diligence.

To ensure that our customers get the most accurate transcripts in the shortest amount of time feasible and with the greatest professional courtesy, we will do all that is within our power. Our service partners are available to provide essential support with organizing your meetings, depositions, and arbitrations, no matter where they occur. Our mission is to provide agitated litigators and support employees with unparalleled expertise in court reporting, videography, videoconferencing, interpretation, and trial support services. Anywhere around the globe, that may be needed.

When it comes to reporting depositions, arbitrations, trials, videoconferences, and more, the certified court reporters at A Plus Court Reporting in Old Lyme use their extensive knowledge in all facets of the legal system in conjunction with the most up-to-date technological tools. We provide speedy transcript delivery to ensure that you can fulfill the deadlines imposed by your case, whether you need an immediate rough draft or a full transcript the next business day. We never miss a delivery deadline, no matter how tight.

Court Reporter Old Lyme


Reporting Services for the Courts:

The difficult job that we perform at A Plus Court Reporting in Old Lyme is the details rarely brought up in conversation. Specifically, the behind-the-scenes logistics required to provide whatever you want, whether it be something as straightforward as first-rate court reporting offered in the area or a request made at the last minute in a place in which you do not have any local connections. We make the transcripts and exhibits available to you in searchable forms, and we provide them to you digitally while also uploading and archiving them to our private online repository.


You will be able to get a direct feed of the deposition testimony right to your laptop computer if the reporting is done in real-time. After the deposition, the client will be provided with a preliminary transcript draft to take with them. Searching the transcript, marking or highlighting testimony for subsequent study or questioning, and generating reports at any point during the process are all possible thanks to real-time technology. At A Plus Court Reporting in Old Lyme, our team of seasoned court reporters uses cutting-edge technology to deliver real-time wireless connections. These connections are available in real-time. Using our web-based streaming capabilities, we can also provide the real-time transcript to your legal team anywhere in the globe through a secure feed. This is something that can be done from any location on the globe. A Plus Court Reporting will even offer you an electronic gadget to use during your real-time deposition if you make the request.


Remote Deposition Transcription Services Old Lyme


Our talented court reporters possess credentials at state and national levels and keep themselves up to date on the most pressing technological, ethical, and client expectations &challenges. In addition to this, a sizeable proportion of our specialists have established and maintained long-term professional connections with various devoted customers.


The team of qualified legal videographers here at A Plus Court Reporting in Old Lyme focuses on delivering great customer service and a final result that surpasses the usual standards for that particular service. The National Court Reporters Association has conferred the Certified Legal Video Specialist designation on each of our videographers (NCRA). According to your requirements, we provide services in which the proceedings may be recorded in various formats, including CD or DVD.


The video-text synchronization feature enables you to read transcribed testimony while simultaneously watching the deposition video. Thanks to today’s technology, you can generate clips, modify witness testimony, and integrate exhibits with the combined video and transcript, enabling you to do all of these things. By producing and exporting clips that incorporate both video and text, we can assist you with isolating important aspects of the testimony provided. After that, we can export the clips into any format we like.

Same Day Transcription Services Old Lyme
Court Reporter Old Lyme


When your cases need you to depose or question witnesses who are located in different states or countries, conducting the deposition via video conference may be an efficient option that will save you both time and money. Our network comprises locations with trained personnel available to ensure that the video conference goes off without a hitch. We will give you full, split, or dual screens and streaming audio, video, and text. In addition, we will record the meeting or deposition for you so that you may play it back whenever you need it in the future.


A Plus Court Reporting, located in Old Lyme, Connecticut, provides a comprehensive range of technical support services to guarantee the smooth delivery of presentations. A Consultant will be provided to you who will supervise all of the technical parts of your case presentation and courtroom presentations. A Plus Court Reporting in Old Lyme takes care of the installation and operation of the necessary equipment and any technical concerns. To better serve our customers, we provide support services such as multimedia editing, digitalization, and duplication.

Transcription Services Old Lyme
Court Reporting Services Old Lyme


We at A Plus Court Reporting in Old Lyme, Connecticut, take a great deal of satisfaction in the fact that the quality of our legal transcribing services remains stable throughout time. But we take a great deal more pride in the individuals who provide that work: Skilled veterans who realize that being on time and writing correct transcripts quickly are just the beginning of what it takes to be a great court reporter. Before sending your final transcripts, we conduct quality-control checks to support the work of our experienced employees. Our Connecticut court reporting agents are all very familiar with the complicated language used in the legal and medical fields and industries connected to the business.

A Plus Reporting|Court Reporting Old Lyme
A Plus Reporting|Court Reporting Old Lyme
A Plus Reporting|Court Reporting Old Lyme
A Plus Reporting|Court Reporting Old Lyme
A Plus Reporting|Court Reporting Old Lyme



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