This Is Why Accurate Transcription and Captioning Are Important in Legal Matters

A Plus Reporting | This Is Why Accurate Transcription and Captioning Are Important in Legal Matters

When handling legal matters, having an accurate transcript of what a witness said in a deposition is essential so the legal process can proceed as smoothly as possible. Misunderstandings can cause confusion that can lead to unnecessary delays. Parties may waste months or years trying to resolve disputes over meaning instead of focusing on the core issues in a case.

How A Plus Reporting Provides Accurate Transcriptions

We have a team of experienced court reporters who can transcribe what was said in a deposition with an extremely high level of accuracy. They use the latest stenography equipment and other advanced technology when translating spoken words to written documents to ensure that what is entered in the legal record is as accurate as possible. During a deposition, our staff can also scan exhibits and embed hyperlinks in the electronic transcript so that your legal team will be able to easily refer to documents when necessary.

Other Services We Provide

A Plus Reporting’s team of talented and dedicated court reporters can transcribe nearly anything accurately and efficiently. Whether you need help transcribing speech in a deposition or another legal proceeding, video, audio, or some other form of communication, we are up to the task.

We understand that in legal matters, time is of the essence and attorneys need documents to be turned around as quickly as possible. A court reporter can provide real-time reporting and rough draft transcripts.
A Plus Reporting makes it easy for legal professionals to access documents. We provide a 24-hour repository and mobile device access to transcripts, as well as E-transcripts and PDF versions.

If a deposition is recorded or is conducted via video conference, people who are deaf or hard of hearing may be unable to understand what is being said. A Plus Reporting offers captioning so that the words being spoken can be displayed on screen. That can allow individuals who are unable to hear what is being said to understand everything that is going on.

We also offer conference rooms and secure online services equipped with the latest technology. Your legal team can hold a meeting or conference in person or connect with attendees around the world via Zoom.

Learn More about Our Services

For more than 20 years, A Plus Reporting has been providing professional transcription and court reporting services to clients in Connecticut and around the world. We are a women-run organization that focuses on building strong personal relationships and providing efficient and reliable service to our clients. Contact us today to learn more.



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A Plus Reporting | This Is Why Accurate Transcription and Captioning Are Important in Legal Matters

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