Remote Deposition Tips for Lawyers

remote depositions

Depositions are an important part of the litigation process and essential to the courtroom. With the, “Stay at Home” orders and COVID-19 still putting a hold on public gatherings, many of these communications have moved online. Across the world, businesses are using video conferencing and other remote connections to maintain operations and productivity. 

Many courtrooms require that testimonies and other statements are given under oath with a court reporter present to record the accurate data. Today, many are now allowing for remote video conferences to take the place of these in-person happenings. 

In order to navigate these new technological requirements though, there is some know-how needed. While many technologies are pretty straightforward and simple to access or use, being able to easily connect and share depositions is an important function. 

Here are some remote deposition tips for lawyers to assist with making the process as frictionless as possible. 

Tip #1: Get All The Right Tools 

There are a few important working parts for capturing and then disseminating information over the web. In the legal field these need to be clear, accurate and private. Be sure you have video recording equipment and an Internet connection you can trust. That’s a great starting point to ensure the connection won’t be choppy and be sure to always test all equipment ahead of time to ensure it’s working and there are no challenges to address before the deposition.

Tip #2: Location & Etiquette Are Important 

Like any other video conference call it’s important that you select a bright and quiet area where there won’t be disruptive background noise or chaos happening. You should always be aware of what’s happening around you before you go on video to get statements too. There are etiquette guidelines for remote depositions that you should review before going live. 

Tip #3: Stay Up-to-Date & Adapt

As much of the remote technologies are still new in the courtroom and other applications, it’s important to remain vigilant about understanding risks, updating software for security patches and adapting processes and standards to meet the new “normal.”

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