How to Conduct Successful Video Conference Job Interviews

Whether you’re reading this during the coronavirus pandemic or not, the benefits of remote job interviews are pretty obvious: interviewees can attend the interview from anywhere, and interviewers don’t have to worry about meeting candidates in person. This can be particularly useful if you’re screening candidates out of state or out of the country: you don’t have to work out any travel reimbursement packages, and it allows you to cast a wider talent-catching net. 

Still, even though the interviewees have to impress you, you may just find a promising candidate that stands out like a super talented thumb. For those situations, you want to ensure that you appear as attractive to them as they are to you. To convey an attractive persona, follow these tips.

Give Candidates An Overview of What to Expect 

While video conferencing is convenient, interviews still take time. If you’ve got a lot of interviews to get through, it may make sense to put a time limit on each one. To do that effectively, make it clear to candidates that they will have a certain amount of time to answer each question; in addition, make sure that candidates know this is a video interview: send them an email with the right link, application, operating system, and/or camera requirements. If they can’t meet these requirements, then consider offering alternative communication options. 

Dress To the Position

If you’re looking to bring someone into a laid back culture, then make sure to wear the attire that best represents the day-to-day. If all your software developers wear jeans, then wear jeans when interviewing potential software developers. On the other hand, if you’re a very corporate or client-facing company, then by all means, suite up. Ultimately, it’s important to give candidates an idea of what the culture is like both at your company and in the department that they’re interviewing to be part of. 

Be Clear About Next Steps

Many employers feel that the most interested employees will follow up. While this has become common practice in many industries today, it’s still important for employers to do their part too. Rather than keep promising candidates guessing, be upfront about what the entire interview process will entail. If there are 3 rounds until a decision can be made, then say that; if they must complete a skill test, then tell them that too. The more transparent you are, the more likely you will be to find a candidate who will stick with you long after they are hired. 

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