3 Top Reasons to Hire a Court Reporter for Your Case


Whether you’re a new attorney just starting to try cases on your own or a seasoned professional, understanding the reasons you should always have a court reporter present for proceedings and depositions is important. 

Court reporters are used to provide accurate records of everything that was said and displayed and transcribes those facts into documents that can be referenced later. They also provide a host of additional services to assist attorneys, courts and even legal teams with data collection and storage. 

Here are the 3 top reasons you’ll want a court reporter present for your case. 

Reason #1: Reliability 

Experienced court reporters bring a level of trust and reliability to the table to help legal teams feel at ease about sharing data. Most operate on a neutral basis and never interject bias in their reporting which is key for both parties. Their job is to capture every word and side of the argument with exact detail. 

Reason #2: Accuracy

One of the biggest reasons to employ a court reporter is to ensure accuracy. It is too easy for an recorded instance via audio or video to miss a sound or lose audio quality and other technical issues. Court reporters are professionally trained to record every single moment of a court case in a transcript with a high level of accuracy. Seasoned reporters already know the legal terminology being used and can filter out background noise or other interruptions with ease to continue to capture the proceedings in exact detail. 

Reason #3: Timeliness

Another reason you’ll want to choose a court reporting company with a stellar reputation is turn around time. In many cases getting to a resolve or closing a case can sometimes be dragged out and having all of the transcribed data ready quickly can be a key step in moving proceedings along. A credible company will offer expedited services to meet the pressing needs of legal teams. 

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