3 Things You Need to Ensure Accurate Business Transcriptions


Business transcriptions, and especially those for legal-related matters are an important function. Accurate and reliable transcriptions are in high demand today because they provide support and peace of mind that the happenings during depositions, hearings, and other binding business matters have written proof. Ensuring these recordings and transcripts are accurate is of key importance. 

Here are 3 things you need for accurate business transcriptions.

1. Knowing What to Record

When it comes time to request a transcription service for your business, you’ll need to know exactly what should be recorded and why. Understanding the reasons for a recording will make meeting time and quality goals easier. Most businesses will order transcriptions of interviews, webinars, conference sessions, presentations, and even of trainings. This may be for future dissemination or as a legal record. Either way, getting to know why you need a transcript before you order one is a critical first step.

2. Have Incredible Hearing & Speed

An important characteristic to have for a successful transcription is incredible hearing. Being able to listen clearly and record exactly what is being said at all times during the discussion requires someone specially trained. They will not only listen and quickly type out those details but will also not be slowed down throughout the process. That said, you should always ensure that high-quality audio is available for the transcription to be as accurate as possible. 

3. Choose a Professional Transcriptionist 

One of the key features of your transcription is accuracy. In addition to speed, you’ll need someone who can accurately capture every detail for your records. Even the slightest deviation from what the audio recording or live discussion actually said can change everything. Choose a professional transcriptionist with a proven track record for the best results. 

At APlus Reporting we can transcribe anything from video to speech and audio and do so in an accurate written format. Our experienced stenographers will capture every cultural nuance and ensure the transcript conveys the precise emotions of the speaker. 

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A Plus Reporting | 3 Things You Need to Ensure Accurate Business Transcriptions

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