3 Skills You Should Count on Court Reporters For

A Plus Reporting | 3 Skills You Should Count on Court Reporters For

Hiring a court reporter to be present during a deposition, court proceeding or other legal matter has numerous benefits. From accurate record of happenings to a reference point for future litigations. One thing that is also important when it comes to choosing a court reporter to get the job done is the skills they possess for both editing and proofing of that recording. 

When it comes to these elements, you’re going to need a professional who can quickly make decisions, understands current events and timelines and has a strong familiarity with common words, names, and terms.

Here are 3 important skills you should be able to count on a court report to provide. 

Absolute Accuracy 

What good is having someone present to record the proceedings if they are not accurate. A court reporter’s job is to accurately transcribe every detail. This includes getting all of the correct spellings for names, proper addresses and use of correct acronyms throughout. Verifying pertinent data ensures the data recorded is valid and can be filed for future use.

Error Free Copy

One of the most important skills transcriptionists are known for are their exceptionally fast typing speeds. While they must be able to keep up with the discussions as they are happening, there is also a key importance with having error-free copy too. Court reporters are moving quickly but they must also be double-checking their work and spotting any errors from grammar to spelling and any other inconsistencies so they do not miss anything. 

Strong Research Skills 

In order to provide the best service and leading transcriptions, it’s important for the court reporter to also take time and do their research. Before a trial or deposition, they should become familiar with the people and current events so that they can better understand and transcribe the happenings. Careful attention and consideration before and after the meeting or deposition learning any technical words or difficult aspects will make the transcription result that much better. 

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A Plus Reporting | 3 Skills You Should Count on Court Reporters For

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