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The popularity of iPads and electronic tablets has led to new ways for attorneys to use these devices, both at work and away from it. During a legal deposition, attorneys have used iPads to access client files rather than haul around boxes of paper files. Attorneys can now read and write notes to client files using iPads while away from the office. In cases that are paper intensive, this can be incredibly convenient.

An iPad can be used to perform a variety of functions and add additional features with many apps. Dropbox can be used on your iPad to access client files easily. Dropbox is a free file-sharing program that can be installed on any computer. It now has an iPad app that makes it easy to use Dropbox.

It is easy to share your files on both your iPad and computer by downloading the Dropbox app. Dropbox keeps both versions of your files in sync at all times when you make changes or additions to files, whether you are on your office computer or on your iPad out of the office.

Free Dropbox accounts come with 2GB of storage. Signing up for the free account is a good way to get a feel for the service before you decide to upgrade. Lawyers and law firms may want to purchase a Pro account to increase their storage capacity due to the size of legal files and the number of documents typically contained in files. It only costs $9.99 to get 500 GB of storage on a Pro account.

Dropbox for Court Reporters in Connecticut & Attorneys

A dropbox account is easy to set up. If you know how to save files on your office computer, you’ll have no problems using a dropbox account.

  • Your client’s files are accessible from any location, regardless of where you are in court or at a deposition
  • Two gigabytes of free storage, and the ability to upgrade to 100 gigabytes at a low cost
  • In the event of a hard drive crash, you can restore lost files with this program
  • It is easy to share files with others
  • If you have large files that cannot be emailed, Dropbox can be used to share them
  • Court Reporters in Connecticut can quickly access any files they need to from the home office for the attorney

The first thing you should do if you have an iPad and plan to use it for a legal deposition is to install Dropbox on it. Even if you haven’t yet purchased an iPad or tablet, services such as Dropbox and others enable attorneys to access files and remain productive while out of the office, even if you haven’t yet purchased one.

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